about our company

Larry Walker Associates (LWA) is a privately owned firm headquartered in Davis, California with regional offices in Berkeley, San Diego, Santa Monica, Ventura and Seattle. Since 1979, LWA has been a partner, innovator, and industry leader, assisting municipalities and private businesses in navigating and solving complex and important environmental and public policy challenges.

Our consulting services range from traditional water and wastewater engineering to highly specialized water quality, stormwater, groundwater and watershed management activities. LWA’s technical expertise and services include ambient water quality monitoring, wastewater, stormwater, groundwater, watershed management/total maximum daily loads (TMDLs), regulatory assistance, agricultural water quality monitoring, and data management.

LWA has proven experience with and knowledge of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) and the California Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act, as well as the federal and state regulations and policies influencing these landmark water quality laws. Specifically, LWA is an expert on the permit requirements for Phase I and Phase II Municipal NPDES Stormwater Programs, NPDES permits for wastewater agencies, and other related requirements. LWA has assisted numerous clients in the development and implementation of strategies to achieve compliance with NPDES permit requirements.

LWA is about collaboration as much as it is about engineering. It’s about solutions, as well as science. Most of all, it’s about working together to improve California’s water quality, preserving our environment for future generations.

LWA Corporate Values

  • Passion For Excellence: We are Driven to Achieve Exceptional Results in All We Do;
  • Building Meaningful Relationships: We Cultivate and Sustain Productive, Respectful and Professional Relationships;
  • Forward Thinking: We Look Ahead to Create Enduring and Effective Strategies for Our Clients and Our Company;
  • Caring: We Support Our Staff, Our Clients, Our Company, and Our Community;
  • Serving the Public Good: We Pursue Environmental Solutions in Balance with Economic and Social Values