Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority Regulatory Assistance

LWA, in collaboration with Luhdorff & Scalmanini Consulting Engineers (LSCE), provides assistance to VVWRA to negotiate and implement several critical sets of agency and government requirements, including:

  • NPDES permit for discharge to the Mojave River
  • Waste Discharge Requirements for discharge to percolation ponds at its main wastewater reclamation facility and proposed sub-regional facilities
  • Master Reclamation Requirements for recycled water from the main and s-ubregional facilities
  • Permit requirements and Pretreatment Program elements and preparation of annual reports required by its WDRs

Permit renewal efforts included preparation and submittal of Reports of Waste Discharge, Title 27 exemption analysis, capacity analyses, Title 22 Engineering reports and anti-degradation analyses. Impacts to groundwater were assessed using mixing models and review of groundwater well data with an emphasis on analysis of Total Dissolved Solids and nitrogen compounds. LWA and LSCE documented decreasing trends in levels of nitrogen compounds in local groundwater as treatment plant effluent quality has improved due to plant upgrades. In addition, our analysis demonstrated that all groundwater impacts are localized due to natural barriers (Shay Road fault) that prevents flow of groundwater beyond a certain point in the basin. In addition, LWA supported VVWRA in meetings with Lahontan Regional Board staff to negotiate various aspects of each permit.

LWA also assisted the VVWRA in responding to a sewer line breach in the Mojave River that occurred during heavy storms in December 2010 with reports and documentation required by Lahontan Regional Board, California Department of Fish and Game and other regulatory agencies. In addition, LWA contacted well owners who may have been impacted by the spill to assist with sampling the wells and providing monitoring results.