Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) NPDES Permit and Regulatory Assistance Services

LWA has provided a variety of regulatory consulting services to Regional San since 1990. Our work has included assistance to Regional San on the following:

  • NPDES Permit renewals for Regional San’s regional wastewater treatment plant including preparation of data compilation and data quality analyses, reasonable potential analyses, effluent limit derivations, and a variety of special studies, including Anti-Degradation Analyses, Mixing zone studies, and modeling to support dissolved oxygen impact analysis.
  • Central Valley Drinking Water Policy development, including creation of work plan, stakeholder work group support, technical evaluations and Basin Plan amendment development.
  • Delta Mercury TMDL development and stakeholder group support
  • Delta Nutrient Management Strategy development and stakeholder process support.
  • Bay Delta Conservation Plan, Delta Plan, Delta Science Plan reviews and comment preparation.
  • A dynamic water quality model for use in calculation of Water Quality Based Effluent Limits, in collaboration with Flow Science, Inc.
  • Regulatory advice and advocacy on behalf of Regional San on various water quality policies, regulations and rulemakings by USEPA, SWRCB and the Central Valley Regional Water Board.
  • Sacramento Coordinated Monitoring Program development, design, implementation, data analysis and reporting.
  • Sacramento River Watershed Program design, stakeholder process support, data analysis and reporting.
  • Mercury offset program feasibility studies, field investigations and stakeholder process.
  • Water quality impact analyses in support of environmental impact report and CEQA documentation for Regional San’s new EchoWater project, an advanced wastewater treatment facility featuring new nitrification, denitrification and filtration facilities.

For 25 years, LWA has assisted Regional San in support of sound regulatory policy, effective stakeholder involvement, and improved scientific understanding of the Sacramento River watershed and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.