Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership Monitoring and Regulatory Support

LWA has conducted stormwater monitoring activities and regulatory assistance tasks for the Sacramento area since 1992, for the municipal partner agencies now known as the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership (SSQP). In 1994 LWA became the prime contractor responsible for sample collection, identifying and selecting storms for monitoring, and delivery of samples. Our work relies on extensive use of automated sampling apparatus, sensor technologies, clean sampling techniques, and quality control activities and includes field crew mobilization, quality assurance protocols, documentation, and liaison with the analytical laboratories. LWA provides technical assistance in support of NPDES permit requirements including permit reissuance and participation in stakeholder efforts. Major project achievements include:

  • Analysis of variance assessment approach for trend analysis, power analysis, and load modeling for permitted area (1992, 1996, 2005, 2009, and 2013).
  • Urban runoff storm composite samples and receiving water sample collection to comply with NPDES permit requirements and support management activities.
  • Database automation and data access tools for collaboration efficiencies
  • Delta Methylmercury TMDL Control Study Work Plan, loading assessments, and Watershed Treatment Model implementation
  • Target pollutant evaluation and prioritization and updates
  • Key participation in regional and stakeholder groups such as the Delta Regional Monitoring Program, the Central Valley Drinking Water Policy Workgroup, TMDL stakeholder groups, and others.
  • Performance evaluations of best management practices and low impact development.
  • Preparation of notices of water quality exceedance (NWQE), as required in the Partnership’s NPDES permit.
  • Preparation of year-end report of water quality exceedance (RWQE) for those constituents where urban runoff are causing or contributing to the receiving water water quality objective.