County of OrangeĀ Stormwater Management Program Regulatory and Implementation Assistance

Since 2002, LWA has assisted the County of Orange, as Principal Permittee, and on behalf of the 34 Orange County municipal Permittees, with the development and implementation of the area-wide Stormwater program and Drainage Area Management Plan as well as the renewals of their NPDES stormwater permit.

Our assistance includes:

  • Regulatory assistance during the renewal of the stormwater permits, including review of draft orders, development of written comments, development of alternative permit language, and/or development and provision of testimony to City councils, County Board of Supervisors, and/or Regional Water Quality Control Board members
  • Development of technical and policy documents including the Drainage Area Management Plan (DAMP), Local Implementation Plan model, Reports of Waste Discharge, and Annual Reports (including program effectiveness assessments)
  • Implementation of the Existing Development (Industrial/Commercial and Residential) and Illegal Discharges/Illicit Connections Programs including functional updates of the programs,, development of tools/guidance materials, and development and implementation of introductory and advanced training modules, which have been provided to several hundred stormwater program managers, industrial/commercial inspectors, water pollution responders, fire department personnel and restaurant inspectors
  • Implementation of the sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) response pilot program including coordination of desk-top and field-based exercises, identification of high priority areas for implementation, development of annual reports, and participation in stakeholder meetings
  • Development of a formal stormwater training program including a overarching program framework, identification of key target audiences and core competencies, functional updates to existing training modules, and coordination with other regional training programs and stakeholders including Regional Water Quality Control Board staff
  • Development of field-based procedures for responding and reporting on urban discharges that exceed dry weather numeric action levels (pursuant to the San Diego Regional Permit).