Mojave River Characterization Study,  Nitrate Groundwater Investigation, Cumulative Impact Analysis

LWA conducted three studies for Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) to assess the impacts of VVWRA wastewater treatment plant discharge on surface water and groundwater.

The three studies included:

Mojave River Characterization: The MRCS was designed to characterize the water quality, biological resources, and beneficial uses of the Mojave River upstream and downstream of the VVWRA wastewater treatment plant for the purpose of providing information to assist in updating Basin Plan water quality standards and to provide a solid foundation for implementation of future control actions.

       LWA Tasks:

  • Monthly water quality monitoring.
  • Fish characterization studies.
  • Bioassessments and beneficial use assessments.

Nitrate Groundwater Investigation: VVWRA was required by its NPDES permit to evaluate the impacts of its wastewater discharge to the Mojave River on local groundwater.

       Tasks done by LWA, in conjunction with Luhdorff & Scalmanini, Inc.:

      • Determine if nitrates and nitrites from the effluent had a substantial impact on nitrate levels in local groundwater.
      • Analyze historical groundwater monitoring data.

Cumulative Impact Analysis: LWA conducted this analysis to assess the water quality impacts of VVWRA’s proposed plant expansion and recycled water facilities on surface water and groundwater.

       LWA Tasks:

        • Conduct anti-degradation analysis.
        • Assessment of water quality impacts
        • Socio-economic analysis.