Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program

The Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition (SVWQC) implemented a Monitoring and Reporting Program (MRP) for the Sacramento River watershed in 2005. Larry Walker Associates is the lead consultant helping SVWQC comply with all aspects of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s previous Conditional Waivers and the current Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) for the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP). The purpose of the MRP is to assess sources and impacts of waste in discharges from irrigated lands and track progress in reducing adverse impacts on the quality of the waters in the state.

LWA’s consultation, guidance and support includes:

  • Assistance in negotiating the scope of the WDR and MRP with the Regional Board
  • Preparation and maintenance of the QAPP, development of the project implementation plan, and management of all monitoring
  • Development and maintenance of a custom SWAMP-compatible database, with validation of data and evaluation of all quality assurance results, and coordination of data submittals from several coordinating sub-watershed agencies, and submittals of monitoring data to the Water Board
  • Coordinate communications and reports to the Regional Board, including evaluations of compliance with numerical and narrative Basin Plan objectives for water chemistry and toxicity
  • Develop and implement management plans required by the ILRP to address exceedances of water quality objectives and ILRP Trigger Limits, including source evaluations to identify, assess, and prioritize potential causes and sources of toxicity, pesticides, pathogen indicators, and nutrient compounds
  • Assistance with interpretation of Regional Board policy, and with outreach and education programs for sub-watersheds, landowners, and growers
  • Participation in the Technical Issues Committee that provides technical guidance to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board on the design and modification of the Irrigated Lands Program MRP
  • Participation in the Delta Regional Monitoring Program (RMP) as a representative on its Technical Advisory Committee
  • Participation as a representative in the ILRP Pesticide Evaluation Advisory Workgroup